Zepole Supply

Zepole Supply was established and founded in 1982 by Nicholas Thiakos, Sr. Nick already had over 25 years of foodservice experience working for another foodservice dealer, as well as owning restaurants. As a Greek immigrant at age 15, Nick did not know the American culture or language, only hard work and determination to provide for his parents back in Greece. Zepole began in the basement of an office building in Joliet, IL, selling disposable paper products to restaurants.

Number of employees: 35.

Soon enough Nick was being asked if he could source other products, like chemicals, other janitorial supplies, and kitchen wares. Then came chinaware and tabletop products, and then equipment. Zepole now employees 35 people and is a major player in the Chicagoland foodservice community, providing exceptional service, integrity, and value, and partnering with all leading manufacturers from equipment to smallwares to tabletop to disposable and janitorial. Nick’s memory and values live strong even today within Zepole Supply, and his youngest son Gary now carries the torch with inspiration and determination to strengthen Zepole’s legacy. Zepole is a one stop source from design to installation to resupply of all your restaurant needs!