"The value of our relationship with Zepole goes well beyond high quality products. We view Zepole as part of our team and truly appreciate that they consistently have our best interests in mind, synthesize our needs, and provide education & solutions with every product."
- Alan, Owner, Viet Nom Nom & Hatchery Member

"Zepole has so many choices, great prices and convenient delivery times. The sales team really makes the difference too—sometimes it’s hard to connect with people, but their team always takes the extra step to find what we need and makes it easy."
- Veronica, Owner, Delia’s Kitchen

"I like having the personal relationship with someone who I know cares about my business and will always recommend the right thing for us. There aren't too many companies like that out there anymore."
- Phyllis, Owner, Dino's Cafe

"Zepole Supply Co. has been a life line for the many supply demands and needs for the Mixology programming at Southern Wine & Spirits of IL. The Zepole staff is always on point and follows through with any needs or challenges of product sourcing that arises. Zepole sets a high standard in customer service for restaurant needs. Bravo!"
- Bridget Albert, Director of Mixology, Southern Wine & Spirits of IL

"It is refreshing to have a true business partner in the restaurant industry like Zepole. They are always helping us cut costs with equipment needs and paper products, and keeping us up on current trends. They don’t just fill our orders, they anticipate our needs while we are busy running restaurants."
- Michael LaPidus, Q-BBQ Owner